Current Coat Trends

Who says you can’t look cute during the winter months?  When I think of going outside in the arctic temperatures (yeah I know that only happened once but I despise the cold), I imagine being bundled up and looking like a marshmallow. But not all winter coats will make you look like that. Some are actually very stylish and can still keep you warm. This years current coat trends range from checked puffers, inspired by Burberry, to oversized that will be sure to keep you toasty through these next few months of winter. There’s a coat style for everybody!

Checked Puffer

The warmest of the trends. The checked puffer is inspired by the classic Burberry print.

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Like I’ve said before, leopard print will never go out of style.

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Red Wool Coat

When I think of a red military coat, I automatically think of Kate Middleton. I actually recently just got rid of my red wool coat since I hadn’t worn it in years and now I’m wishing I hadn’t.


Perfect for all of those layers you wear to stay warm.


What coat trends are you most excited about?



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