Cashmere Sweater Dress

Cashmere Sweater Dress

cashmere sweater dress cashmere sweater dress

I have a soft spot for cashmere. Absolutely love it. It’s so soft and it’s something that will a long time. Since last year, I have been on a the hunt for a sweater dress. Most sweater dresses I had found contained polyester and other fabrics that I’m not fond of. I remember seeing this cashmere sweater dress last year but didn’t want to spend the money. This year when I decided to get it when I had some store credit and a sale was happening.

But in all honesty, now I am more willing to spend more money on quality pieces that I know will last. Now that I have this cashmere sweater dress, I probably will never have a need to buy another one. I would maybe like one in white/cream down the line as well, but this dark grey one I have now is such a classic and I’ll be able to wear for years. It’s part cozy and part chic!

For this look I decided to style it with my knee high boots but it also looks super cute with tights and booties. And since it has a relaxed fit, you could even belt it at the waist giving the dress a completely different look.

When it comes to sizing, I’m wearing an xx-small. For Everlane, my sizing always depends on the fit of the item but I am usually either an xx-small/x-small or 00-2. It honestly depends on the fit and the material.

Has it ever taken you a while to find a perfect piece of clothing?



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