November Favourites

How in the world is it already December? I swear the last 6 months have literally flown by in a blink of an eye. When I was first composing my November favourites, I didn’t think I was going to have that many. But then I remembered everything that I was planning on adding but just pushed in the back of my mind. This monthly favourites is a bunch of random things too.

November Favourites

November favourites

Tasting Paris Cookbook

When I was in Grand Rapids for work at the end of October, I was in the cutest store called Rebel. I joked that it could take all of my money. Even though I was just there pulling items for our bar cart shoot, I ended up buying some things for myself- 2 pots for my plants and Tasting Paris Cookbook. Even with me having candida and being on a super strict diet, I’ve been able to make 5 of the recipes so far and there is at least one more than I plan on making. Everything I’ve made has been so good too.

Nuud Deodorant

I picked this up from the store Shop Eco, in the Walkerville area in Windsor, ON. What drew me to it was the micro silver in it. This deodorant doesn’t mask the smell but actually eliminates  it. As your body adjusts to it, you don’t need to use it everyday regardless of showering and each application lasts about 3-6 days. Each little tube lasts about 10 weeks. For the first week, I used it everyday and also used my Native deodorant as well. I’d apply Nuud at night after showering and then about mid morning, I’d apply Native. At almost 2 weeks, I could confidently use Nuud every other day. I’d really like to get to 3 days and maybe even more.

Hello Skincare Lash Therapy

Hello Skincare sent this to me and I’ve been using it for about a month. It did take me about a week to remember to use it consecutively. At first, I would forget to put it on right away after I got out of the shower and would instead but my toner on first. This needs to be the first thing you apply on a clean face. It contains all clean ingredients so you don’t need to feel bad about using it. My lashes also look longer and fuller.

I Owe You One By Sophie Kinsella

I love Sophie Kinsella books and I’m not sure how I missed this one coming out earlier this year. Amazon usually alerts me of new books. I only saw this one because Amazon was telling me to pre-order her Christmas Shopaholic book. This story is about Fixie who, like her name, has to fix everything. She meets this very successful business man in a coffee shop where she saves his laptop after the ceiling collapses. He writes her an I O U on a coffee sleeve. And she has no intention of ever using it. Until her brother’s best friend, and her biggest crush comes back into town.

Faerhaven Makeup Brush Soap

I also got this from the store Shop Eco. Oh my god, I have never used a brush cleaner that has cleaned my brushes so well before. I’m amazed. My cleaner time has literally been cut by two thirds! I just simply swirl my brush on the bar and then quickly scrub on my Sigma brush mat. This bar was only $6 CAD so that’s probably about $3.50-3.75 USD!

Eye Sparklers Palette

This palette is absolutely perfect for the holidays. I’m not that much of a super shimmer eyeshadow person but for some reason I love it around Christmas and New Years. These 4 shadows make the perfect toppers for any eye makeup look.

Sèzane’s Leisurewear Capsule

Not going to lie, I spent way too much money on Sezane’s new workout wear. I bought 2 tops (this and this), a sports bra and leggings. Everything is made from organic cotton and eco friendly materials. I love them soooo much.


What are some of your November Favourites?


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