Men’s Holiday Gift Guide

I know I probably say this every year but men are always so hard to shop for. Whenever you ask them what they want they usually say they don’t know or don’t care which isn’t helpful at all. It’s so easy to grab another t-shirt or pajamas. Instead get him something more creative that he’ll actually enjoy like these little gems. Here is everything I picked out for the men’s holiday gift guide.

Men's Holiday Gift Guide


Gold Plated Shave Set | Leather Utility Gloves | Happy Socks x East Dane Box Set

Cruiser Deluxe Turntable | Cashmere Crewneck | Metropolitan Duffle Bag

Wireless Headphones | Beer Tasting Set | Travel Set | Wood Whiskey Barrel


This gold plated shave set is so nice and a great gift for the well-groomed dapper gentleman. It would also go great with this Counterman travel set that comes with shampoo, charcoal body wash, exfoliating cleanser and moisturizer. And speaking of travel, this duffle bag is so nice and perfect for business or weekend getaways.

This cashmere crew is so nice and in so many colours. And if you prefer a v-neck, it comes in that style as well. And these Happy Socks x East Dane collab socks are just so fun!

If you want to go for more unique gifts, this whiskey barrel or even this beer tasting set are great. I’m also a fan of record players. There is just something about listening current albums on vinyl. Marianas Trench sounds amazing on record. Fun fact, Josh Ramsay, the lead singer, wrote and produced “Call Me Maybe.” These headphones are so sleek looking as well.

What gifts are on your men’s holiday list?


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