Tricks To Look French

As you know, I aspire to be French. There is the je ne sais quois that emulates from them. With makeup and fashion tips, there are ways to fake being French. Here are 6 tricks you can use for your inner francophile.

tricks to look French

Au Naturel Makeup

The French like to show that they are confident in their own skin. Less is more and looking fresh is a priority. Wearing minimal makeup helps with that and it helps women age gracefully without trying too hard.

Personal or Monogrammed Jewelry

When it comes to accessories, the French keep it simple and personal. It’s extremely European to have personal jewelry like gifts, or a family heirloom.


French women have that rolled out of bed look when it comes to their hair. There is a certain messy component that’s aspirational as well as relatable.

Don’t Be Perfect

An underlying rule to look French is to look a little mussed and not so perfectly put together. We put such a high standard on being and looking perfect while the French couldn’t give a F. When you don’t look so perfect, it gives off an aura that there is something more to you than the way you look.

White Button Down

What makes a white button down French is the way you style it. Wear it a little bit undone with buttons, rolling the cuffs, doing a French tuck, etc. Shop white button downs here.

Red Lip

If you want to highlight one feature on your face for a night out, go for a red lip. Carry it with you in a little clutch or pouch with all of your essentials. Remember less is more.


Hope these tips help you channel your inner French girl!


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