September Favourites

Happy October! Why is this year flying by. September was super busy. Fun but busy. Anyway, I have quite a few September favourites to share with you. And I’m probably missing some that will most likely end up in October’s! Here is what I have been loving.

September Favourites

September favourites

Mason Pearson Hair Brush

Mason Pearson brushes are described as the Lamborghini of hair brushes. They are not cheap. This purchase was years in the making. I did so much research and asked my 2 friends who own them questions throughout the years. Finally I decided to buy one but had to wait for a sale on Dermstore. Whatever you do, wait until a sale to buy one. You’ll still be spending a lot of money but just not as much. I went with the Junior with boar and nylon bristles. They have different bristles for different types of hair. The brush helps distribute the oil in your hair. My hair has been looking so much healthier and shinier. And I can now go over a week without washing my hair because of this brush! Highly recommend this brush!

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I have hyperhidrosis on my underarms. I’ve used charcoal masks, soaps and sprays to help. MiraDry is a procedure I’d love to try but it’s very expensive. While reading an article on natural deodorants, I saw a comment about how you need to detox your armpits and this mask was suggested. It’s pure calcium bentonite. I mix it with apple cider vinegar and leave it on for about 1o minutes every other day. It’s actually helping with the wetness. I’ve actually found some calcium bentonite I can drink for my candida that I think is helping as well.

Playa New Day Mist

I ordered this from Dermstore when I got my brush. Not sure if this is like a dry shampoo or just a styler spray.This gentle mist revitalizes your hair without having to use heat, washing your hair or other chemicals. Spray it where your hair needs it the most, then either comb through with your fingers or hair brush. I’ve been using my Mason Pearson, then reshape your hair. To reshape my waves, I’ll just twist my hair into sections and keep it like that while I finish getting ready. Or I’ll use the Playa Sea Salt Spray and either twist or loose waves.

Playa Endless Summer Sea Salt

I’ve used quite a few sea salt sprays in my day and this has got to be one of my top sprays. I really like it because it’s super light and doesn’t leave my hair crunchy. Normally I spray it on damp hair after I wash it and then plop my hair over night. On days where I need to fix my waves, I’ll use it with the New Day Mist and braid my hair while I get ready.

Four Weddings And A Funeral

This show is on Hulu and follows 4 best friends. 3 live in London while one is in New York. Mindy Kaling is the creator of the show and Salvador Perez is the costume designer (he is one of my top 3 favourite costume designers, probably actually my #1). This show is so good. I’ve laughed and cried. And the wardrobe is to die for! If I could work for Sal Perez, I would literally die!

Beautycounter Counter + Balancing Oil

Beautycounter recently rebranded some of their products to Counter +. The Balancing Oil was one of them. I’m not sure if the formula was changed since I’ve never used this oil beforehand. I thought there was chamomile in it and that’s why I avoided it but this doesn’t contain it. This oil is a blend of oils to help hydrate, smooth and even skin tone! Meadowfoam sea oil helps balance the skin while ylang ylang leaves a nice scent!


What are some of your September Favourites?


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