Why I No Longer Buy Polyester


Why I No Longer Buy Polyester

I’ve mentioned before on here that I no longer buy items made from polyester. I also try not to participate in the whole fast fashion trend as well. Surprisingly, the more conscious I am about both of these things, the less I’ve been actually buying. Here is why I no longer buy polyester


Polyester is made from plastic and plastic is made from petroleum. Faux fur= plastic. Most vegan leather is plastic. Plastic is a pollutant and causes so much damage to our planet. Even the process of creating plastic is so damaging.

Every single time you wash polyester or any other plastic based fabrics, it releases hundreds of thousands pieces of micro-fibres/plastics into our water supply. That’s not good.

Both leather and wool decompose and are renewable. And if you don’t like leather, there are other options like pineapple leather. It’s a vegan leather made from pineapple leaves called piñatex. This tote bag is made from it. There’s also another vegan leather made from mushrooms called muskin. So there are options out there.

Fabrics such as rayon and lyocell are comparable to polyester in terms of what types of materials they can make but they are so much more economically friendly. Both of them are made from tree pulp. But remember natural fibers are always your best option.

Fast Fashion

Now on to fast fashion. What are most clothes from fast fashion made out of? POLYESTER! And even if it isn’t made out of fast fashion, buying something, wearing it once and then throwing it away if filling up our landfills. The U.S. sends 21 billion pounds of textiles to landfills every year! Only 1% of it is actually recycled to make to pieces while the rest is tossed away.

This is why you should buy pieces that are made to last. Classic pieces. Use the 80/20 rule if you have to. Even services like Rent The Runway can help with overconsumption. Donate your slightly worn clothes. Just because fast fashion is bad, doesn’t mean you have to avoid these stores all together. I personally have some pieces from Target from years ago that are still in amazing condition. And I still plan on buying clothes at Target, just not polyester.

Now, whenever I buy something, I always check the tag. Even if it’s something I really like and it contains polyester, I will not buy it. By doing this, I am saving money and I only have pieces that I truly love and want to have.

Hopefully you all found this helpful and will view polyester differently while shopping for clothes.


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