Surviving An Overnight Flight

I have been on my fair share of overnight flights in my lifetime. Flying to Europe and also coming back on red eyes from the west coast, etc. To me, Europe is the easiest because of how long the flight is. Red eyes suck. Since I just came back from LA on a red eye, I wanted to share with you some tips on surviving an overnight flight.

surviving an overnight flightDrink Lots of Water

Skimping on water can cause a lot of issues including fatigue, headaches and irritated skin. These side affects also don’t help with all the re-circulated air. Try to drink at least 1-2 cups of water for every hour you are in flight. The more you are hydrated, the less of the jet-lagged feeling you’ll have. Yes drinking all this water may have you getting up to go to the bathroom but that comes to my next tip.


Staying seated for long period of times can cause so many health issues like blood clots. It’s so important to get up and move around every couple of hours. Feel free to do a couple of stretches like neck rolls and some calf stresses.


The air in the airplane sucks out all of the moisture in our skin. Go ahead and do a sheet mask and then continue with your skincare routine to prevent your skin from drying completely out.


We already know that the air is circulated, moving around all sorts of germs and bacteria. Bring hand sanitizer, face wipes to take off your makeup. Make sure to wipe down your seat and the tray as you get settled.

Eat Light

Eat as little as possible, but make sure to listen to your body. Go for lighter options like fruits, veggies and some sort of protein. Skip on starches to a minimum. When you arrive, take note to the local time. If it’s late afternoon, try to wait until dinner time eat.


I hope you found these tips helpful. What are some things you do to survive an overnight flight?



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