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Grand Rapids Magazine

I wanted to share with you the May cover of Grand Rapids Magazine that I styled. Normally I am right on top of things when it comes to sharing my styling work. This one just slipped right past me. Didn’t help that I didn’t get the actual photo file until the end of May and by then, I had all of my posts scheduled til the end of the month and into part of June.

Hour recently acquired a bunch of different magazines, one of them being Grand Rapids Magazine. My creative director for Weddings, is also in charge of this one and brought up me styling for the magazine back in February. At that point there were talks of us driving there and spending the night for future shoots. But we actually shot this cover in Detroit!

I was actually really excited that I was styling the cover because I was actually doing a magazine cover where my Busia would’ve been able to see it. While she was dying in April, I asked for a sneak peak to show to her. I’m not sure she actually knew what she was looking at. I know that if she wasn’t dying and was her old self, she would’ve been proud.

For this shoot, I didn’t need to credit any of the clothes so I bought everything. Most things came from Shopbop, Revolve and Nordstrom. Funny thing is, on the cover she is wearing a $30 jumpsuit from Target! I had originally gone there to get a few random bags, jewelry and shoes. I happened to walk by the jumpsuit and thought it was perfect! And to think I almost didn’t grab it.

During the shoot we shot about 4 different looks for the client to choose from. The theme of the magazine was mental health. Grand Rapids is the first area in the state where all doctors, dispatchers, nurses, etc are trained in mental health. Personally I think everywhere should be like this.

If you are interested, I filmed a behind the scenes video on IGTV from this shoot if you want to go take a look!


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