Losing a Pet

Losing a Pet

This outfit post has turned out to be much different than I planned on. It was originally going to go up on Friday and was going to talk about something much different. But life happens. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, probably saw that my 16 year old dog Bridgette, died on Thursday afternoon. I am beyond devastated. I’m currently writing this on Saturday, 48 hours later, and the pain is still so raw. I cannot stop crying.

Losing a pet is never easy and you’d think it would get easier as you get older but I think it actually gets harder. Every time I walk past Bridgette’s bed I expect to see her sleeping there. Her little face popping up when I ask her if she wants to go “bye bye.” I find myself sitting next to or laying my head on her bed just crying.

My vet said she probably had another stroke. I keep replaying her last few minutes in my head over and over again, wondering if there was anything I could’ve done differently. Would I have been able to save her? If she was in pain when it happened, could I have made it less painful? Did she know I was there and trying to comfort her?

I know there was probably nothing I could’ve done and that it was her time, but I was not ready for her to go! She was fine that morning and we had just gotten back home. She got out of the car with my help and then she went to the bathroom. I didn’t even get the chance to give her her Timbit from Tim Hortons.

At least I have all the good memories of her. She was such a silly puppy. Miss Brigitta kept me laughing all the way up to the very end. I miss her like crazy but I will always still love her.



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