My Top 5 Facial Mists

My Top 5 Facial Mists

When it comes to facial mists, it took me awhile to jump on the bandwagon. I really didn’t see the point of them and it seemed like an extra step in my already extensive skincare routine. It wasn’t until I actually tried them that I realized how nice they really are. Whether it’s used as a toner, setting your makeup or a little spritz throughout the day as a refresher! I am sharing with you my top 5 facial mists!

Top 5 Facial Mists

My Top 5 Facial Mists evian and beautycounter

Beautycounter No.2 Plumping Mist

This facial mist is formulated with peony root to help replenish and plump skin while rye seed helps minimize the size of fine lines. It’s a perfect mist for setting makeup and prepping skin. I personally use it as a skin prep after I wash my face! It’s so refreshing and my skin feels great afterwards! It also smells nice!

evian and avene


I actually keep an Evian spray in my purse for a refresh throughout the day! I actually use it a lot during the summer! During the cooler months I do not use it as much. Whenever I feel like my skin is feeling parched, I just spritz a bit of this on my face!

Avène Éau Thermale

I want to pair Avène and La Roche Posay together. I love them both the same and are basically interchangeable. Avène contains trace minerals and silica which reduce irritation and create a protective barrier on the skin. La Roche Posay also contains minerals as well to help protect against environmental barriers.

My Top 5 Facial Mists jurlique and trader joe's

Jurlique Rosewater Mist

I love anything rose scented and this mist is amazing. It is formulated with marshmallow root which has intensive hydrating, softening and balancing properties! Like the plumping mist, I use this as a toner after I wash my face! This one is on the pricey side so I try not to use it a lot!

Trader Joe’s Rose Water Face Toner

The instructions say to spray on a cotton pad but I just spray it on my face. I had seen many girls rave about this on Instagram and I wanted to try it! And I was also looking for a cheaper alternative to the Jurlique mist! And for the price, it’s really nice! I use this one as a toner as well. It may not be Jurlique but I do enjoy it for!


Have you tried any of these? What is your favourite facial mist?


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