6 Ways to Drink More Water

As the new year approaches, it’s the time when we all start making our health goals. Drinking more water seems to be on everyone’s list, not just for the new year but all throughout the year. For me, this has never been a problem. I love drinking water and I drink a lot of it. It’s my drink of choice!  At restaurants, waiters end up bringing me a pitcher so they don’t gave to keep coming back to refill my cup! And I know this isn’t for everyone, but I am going to share 6 tips for you to drink more water!

6 Ways to Drink More Water

6 ways to drink more water

1. Infuse

Infusing your water with fruits and vegetables is a great way to up your water intake. Lots of people don’t like drinking plain water and need something to jazz it up! There are water bottles that just for infusing your water. I own this one from Bobble but there’s also this one. You can basically use any fruit or vegetable you fancy. Mint, cucumber and lemon are definitely the most popular.

2. Set Reminders

The number one excuse I hear when it comes to not drinking enough water is that people forget. Setting reminders on your phone is a great way to remind you. There are so many different apps and even bottles that remind you to drink! You can also set timers on your phone!

3. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

You don’t just have to drink your water, you can get your H2O from munching on water laden fruits and veggies! These include zucchini, strawberries, watermelon, cucumbers, and celery! So eat up!

4. Keep Water By You

When water is out of sight, it’s harder to remember to drink it! Keeping a bottle or glass within easy reach will remind you to drink throughout the day!

5. Buy a New Bottle

Sometimes buying a cute new bottle can motivate us to drink more water! It’s even been proven that drinking through a straw helps you down more water! So those bottles/cups with the straws are not only cute but will help you drink more! I remember when I first got my Bobble! I take it everywhere with me and I’m never without it. You would be surprised how many people ask for some of my water when I’m out!

6. Health Benefits

Drinking your daily amount of water can help you shed a few pounds. Also adding lemon to it can help boost your metabolism.

I hope you find these tips super helpful and get you drinking more water!!


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