What Not To Wear On A Plane

With me leaving for Fashion Week today, I thought it was a good time to talk about what not to wear on a plane. I feel like people watching at the airport is just as entertaining as people watching at Walmart. Granted I do not shop at Walmart, and only see the pictures online. Some of the things people wear are very questionable.

What Not To Wear On A Plane

What not to wear on a plane

Synthetic Fabrics

Especially on long flights, the temperature can fluctuate constantly. When it comes to synthetic fabrics, they aren’t very breathable. They can also leave you itchy and scratchy. Natural materials such as linen, cotton, silk and even cashmere are very breathable and can help regulate your temperature.

Too Tight, Constricting Clothes

Anything that is tight on you will become even more constricting as you swell during the flight. You want to be able to keep the blood flowing, especially in your legs and if something is tight it could cause blood clots. Wear something that is more loose fitting.

Not Enough Layers

This goes with the synthetic fabrics. You want to make sure you are dressed in layers. So many people don’t dress properly when going on their flight. Crop tops and shorts do not cut it! Airplanes are always cold. You can always take off layers but if you don’t have anything to put on, you’ll freeze your entire flight! If you have to, pack a new outfit to change into in your carry on for when you reach your destination. A cashmere wrap is always a good idea. Audrey Hepburn never traveled without hers.

Lounge Wear

Maybe it’s just me and possibly the French, but lounge wear should be left at home. Baggy sweatpants, and huge sweatshirt, walking around in socks or barefoot (eww) is just no. Don’t do it. People used to get so dressed up for flights and now lots of people are just sloppy. Leggings aren’t even okay, and they go with the constricting clothing!

What to Wear

Remember you want to feel comfortable and chic! Always bring something to cover up in. Find clothes with a bit of room or stretch in them so you can move around. These crop pants from J.Crew are perfect for traveling and they have an elastic waistband and you can’t even tell!! Remember, you can always change when you get to your destination!


BTW, 30 Hours in Traverse City


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