Setting Boundaries

This past year I grew a lot. Both as a person and as a blogger. It’s all about growing up and going through the different stages of life. The biggest part of my growth was setting boundaries for myself. With my mind, body and even relationships. I think doing this has and will help me grow as a person.

Setting Boundaries


Mindset. This has to be the hardest with how popular social media is today. We scroll and we see people’s picture perfect lives. We compare ourselves to others all the time. Besides comparison, we over work ourselves or obsess over something. I know I’ve done this and still do sometimes. Regardless of the issue, we need to learn to come to terms with what we are doing and just let it go and stop obsessing over it. This takes so much discipline and even just realizing all of this, you are already one step ahead for drawing a line on this boundary on your thoughts and there for helping you flourish in the process.


Body. Over the past few years, I’ve changed the way I eat. I strive to put only whole, healthy foods in my body. My beef, cheese and butter all need to be grass-fed. My chicken and eggs need to be pasture raised. I won’t even touch anything with high fructose corn syrup in it. You would be surprised the amount of foods I found it in. Don’t even get me started on processed foods. What we were able to eat when we were younger does not mean we can eat them now as we get older. Our health should be our number 1 priority yet it’s often not.


Limits. In this industry it is really hard to say “no.” We want to please everyone, accept every invitation that comes our way, and do every little favour we are asked. Saying yes to everything can actually hurt us. Our self-care is basically non- existent. I happen to listen to the Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon and in her first episode of the year she talked about learning to say no. When she was finally able to learn to do this, her life actually got better and had more time for things she loved.


Company. I one read a quote that said something a long the lines, “If you’re not losing friends then you are not growing up.” If there is someone if your life that is either toxic or you just grow your separate ways, then it may be time to let them go. If a friend doesn’t make time for you, then they truly don’t value your friendship. This is actually kinda hard for me since I’m pretty sure a friendship is ending. My one friend got a boyfriend over a year ago and she only ever offers to hang out with us when her boyfriend has other plans. All of her free time is spent with him. ALL OF IT. She can plan a trip to Europe with him but can’t plan a time in over 4 months to hang out with her friends? I’m sorry but that’s messed up and I’m over it. Has this every happened to anyone else? I’d love to know how you deal with it.


Expectations. We all can agree that most of out expectations usually lead to disappointment. When we get our picture perfect idea in our head and we expect it to go the way we want. Grasping onto an idea so tightly but if it’s not meant to be then it won’t happen. If we learn to let our lives play out and be thankful for what we have. And don’t forget to be realistic.

I’d love to know how you guys handle setting boundaries. Let me know! Love you!


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