When Shooting Outside Isn’t An Option

When shooting outside isn't an option

So the past few weeks in Michigan, the temperatures have been frigid. I mean with the wind chill in the negative teens. I’m all shooting for outside in the winter but when it’s that cold, that’s just dangerous and not an option. I had to get creative and come up with some places.

I didn’t have much luck, especially since my sister wasn’t home to take them. Finally, I found a photographer to take my pictures. I worked with Matt about 3 years on an Hour shoot, but he was actually the model! You can view the pictures here. Matt came up with some ideas but then suggested his house since he has a bunch of natural light.

I shot 8 outfits at his house. They turned out good but I’m more of an environmental girl and I feel like I look stiff. I like to move around! This outfit was actually shot in his garage but we kept the door shut so he had to bring in a light outside. It was still freezing out there but not as cold as it would’ve been outside.

These pictures don’t really fit my aesthetic but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! I do have to admit, the wall is cool! And if the garage door was open, it would be even better, but I am not going to submit myself to the arctic temperatures. Or the photographer!

Hopefully the next time I shoot with him, the temperatures will be warmer! Today is suppose to be 50 degrees so I might try to sneak some shoots in with my sister! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Have any of your ever shot outside in freezing cold temperatures?


Photos taken by Matt LaVere

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