Gifts For The Jetsetter

Hey guys! I have a new gift guide for you! This one is gifts for the jetsetter. I personally love to travel and I have friends who love to travel as well. But when we travel we want things to go as smoothly as possible while still going at it in style.

I’ve found some great gifts that will help any jetsetter you may know!

Gifts For The Jetsetter

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Now I don’t know about you but I always over pack. Even when I try to pack light, I still have more items than I need. I love this hand-held luggage scale (10). Do you know how many times, I have to take stuff out of my checked luggage and try to stuff if in my carry on? A LOT. I think I may need to invest in scale as well.

I’ve only traveled over-seas only a couple of times but it’s so important to have an outlet adaptor (7). This is not the one I have but it’s very similar. It comes with different adaptors for all the countries you may go to!

Sometime this year, I read the book “What Would Audrey Do?” Now Ms. Hepburn would never travel without a cashmere scarf/wrap (5). I have yet to get one of my own but I do plan on investing in a nice one. I really like this one from Shopbop.

There was a time where I owned so much luggage that I didn’t know what to do with it. I’ve cut back in buying it but I really want this rose gold hardcase one (3). I don’t really need it but I want it. Traveling in style is a must for me and I love all things rose gold!

I really like the idea of how to read menu’s in other countries (1). I find it super helpful. I’ve had issues in foreign countries before and I wish I had something like this.

I also like this book 101 Weekends in Europe (8). Granted, I’d never to to Europe just for a weekend but I think it’s a great tool to have.

This Mark & Graham Travel commute clutch (6) is s0 convenient. You can easily toss it in your purse and everything you need will be in it. And I also love this little manicure set (4). You never know what you might need while traveling. It’s always good to be prepared.

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide! I will have a brand new one for you next Tuesday!


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1.How To Read The Menu | 2. Luggage Tag & Passport Holder | 3. Ambeur Rolling Spinner Carry-On | 4. Skinny Dip Manicure Set | 5. Cashmere Travel Wrap Scarf | 6. Mark & Graham Commute Clutch | 7. 5 in 1 Universal Adapter | 8. 101 Weekends in Europe | 9. S’Well Travel Flask | 10. Luggage Scale | 11. Where To Go When

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