Gifts For Him Under $25

Hey guys! I have another men’s gift guide for you. This one is gifts for him under $25. And actually this one was very difficult to make. There are not a lot of good gifts that are under $25. I did however manage to find some amazing bits and pieces.

Gifts For Him Under $25

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First of all can we just talk about these mini Pac-Man (7) and Frogger games (8)? I played these games a lot as a child! They bring back all that nostalgia.

Next there is the craft beer book (3)! All the guys I know love beer, especially craft beer. It talks about over a 100 of the most popular craft beers around the world.

I’m a really big fan of these little travel cocktail kits! I’ve never used one while traveling but I like the idea of them. They also seem to be very popular. This one is an old fashioned kit (5) but there are so many other ones as well.

In my other men’s gift guides, I had added wallets. So of course I had a to add a wallet to this one. This one may be only $25 (4) but it’s my Herschel which is a very good company. It has a super slim design and get fit up to cards!

I’ve also added skincare sets to my other ones. It’s actually quite hard to find a skincare set that fits this price range. I personally love Harry’s!  and use their shaver and shaving cream. I actually had no clue they did skincare products as well (10).

This travel shoe cleaner (9) can really come in handy. Especially if they guy travels a lot for work! Gotta keep your shoes cleaned! I also like this cuff and collar cleaner as well! I actually forgot to add it to the guide as I was making it!

Hope you found this helpful!



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1.North Face Jim Beanie | 2. Mr. Cool Mug | 3. Little Book Craft Beer | 4. Herschel Supply Roy Bifold | 5. Carry On Cocktail Kit | 6. Insulated Tumbler | 7. Pac-Man Retro Arcade Game | 8. Frogger Arcade Game | 9. Sneaker Cleaning Travel Kit | 10. Harry’s For J.Crew Face Essentials Kit