French Girl Style

French Girl Style

french girl style

French girl style is the epitome of every fashion girl’s dreams. They are a sort of “Je ne sais quois” about their look. Their style is almost effortless and it makes me jealous. I am a lover of all things French. I aspire to be a French girl and try to dress like one.

Here are some tips to dress like a French Girl.

Keep it minimal

It’s the stripped down, uncomplicated outfit  that usually makes the post impact. Like Coco Chanel said “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

Flats are your friend

Flats are the footwear of choice for a gamine french girl. Plus it’s easier to walk on the old cobblestone streets!

Keep Accessories Minimal

Instead of statement pieces, choose a more subtler, dainty piece of jewelry.

Leave It Undone

Whether it’s your shirt with a few buttons undone and only half tucked, looking purposely unpolished is a true French art form.

french girl style

Add One Alluring Piece

Add something you wouldn’t typically add to your outfit, like sneakers with a skirt and chunky sweater!

French girl style

There is no reason to fret over looking perfect. It’s the beautiful mess that makes the French look so alluring. I am no expert. I learned these tips after years of reading and learning. Have fun with it!


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