Port Austin, MI

Last weekend, my family and I finally went to Port Austin. Port Austin is the town at the tip of the thumb, and it is also where Turnip Rock is in Lake Huron.

Now Turnip Rock is only accessible by boat since the properties surrounded by it are private.

Most people get to Turnip Rock by kayak. From the rental place, the trip is 7 miles round trip. Unfortunately, I did not bring my DSLR with me on the kayaking trip. DSLR’s and water do not mix. Jodie and I did bring our phones with us in a waterproof bag but Jodie had it with her. And when we got there, she refused to give me my phone because Reidar was acting up (Yes we brought the dogs and they looked super cute in their life jackets). Sigh. I really wanted a picture.

Anyways, here’s a picture from the kayak rental place. It is a lot smaller in person but still pretty cool.

Port Austin Kayak also has a restaurant on site. Perfect for waiting for your kayak rental. If you do not get there early in the morning, you will have to wait. We actually ate there after kayaking since dogs are allowed on the patio.

Their fish tacos were really good. Sadly, there are really no vegetarian options. Jodie got a caesar salad and she said it wasn’t very good.


Besides kayaking, you can go to one of the state park beaches. Reidar had a really good time in the water as you can tell. He has now been in 2 of the 5 Great Lakes. Bridgette did not want to go in the water and really wanted to go back to the car.

After the beach, we headed back in to town and walked on the pier. The view was absolutely lovely. The first part of the pier is grates and Bridgette did not like walking on it. I carried her on the way their and my dad did it on the way back.

Apparently the best ice cream is just outside of town at Grindstone’s General Store. I got Michigan Pot Hole and Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt in a waffle cone. It was so good! I think I like Michigan Pot Hole a bit more. It too, was also dark chocolate with truffle pieces.

The last thing you can do is the Lighthouse, which is actual tip of the thumb.

The trip itself was very tiring but it was still a lot of fun! Have any of you ever been?

In case you missed it, Seneca Caverns and Belle Isle.



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