The Dangers of Silicone Based Makeup

Back in March, while I was doing wardrobe for the RAH(watch both here and here) commercial shoot, the MUA/hairstylist, Renata, and I became friends almost immediately. She was telling me about how bad silicone based foundations and primers were for your skin. Silicone not only suffocates and clogs your pore, but it also causes acne, especially if … Continue Reading

Tips For Healthier Nails

My nails always seem to a downfall of mine. They grow really fast and that causes them to be brittle and peel. Don’t even get me started on nail polish! I love wearing polish but after it is removed, my nails are so bad. Basically, it’s an endless cycle. I get my nails in great … Continue Reading

Fig + Yarrow Rosehip + Argan Facial Serum Review

I love facial oils and serums and when I read about the Fig + Yarrow Rosehip + Argan Facial Serum at Target, I had to try it. SheFinds raved about it so I thought it had to be good. And honestly, I’m not all that impressed. Usually, when I use serums, the oil is somewhat thick … Continue Reading

March Favourites 2017

Happy Monday ladies! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I still cannot believe it is April. March flew by! Probably because I was so busy with work and so many shoots! Since it’s now April, that means it is time for my March favourites!! Great British Baking Show I’m a little late to … Continue Reading

February Favourites

February went by in a blink of an eye. Way too fast for my liking. But now it’s time to share all of my February favourites with you! Reign Reign finally came back after being off the air for so long and I was so glad when it came back. The show is ending and … Continue Reading

DIY: Coconut Oil Face Wash

I love DIY projects. They are so much fun and let my creative side out. I especially love to make homemade beauty products. They work so well and are usually fairly cheap to make. I’ve been making this coconut oil face wash for quite a few years now. It removes all of my makeup and … Continue Reading