Terracota Sweater

madewell terracota sweater

Terracota Sweater

Have you ever bought an item in multiple colours before? You might actually recognize this sweater because I also own it in cream. I am really loving this rust/terracota colour for fall. There is this top that I own in it and now this sweater. I actually had to stop myself from buying another sweater this colour. Granted it was a different shade but I don’t need 2 sweaters so similar in colour.

These pictures were only taken about a month ago and I cannot believe how green the trees were. Oh how the weather has changed in a month. We’ve gotten snow already! SNOW! I’m not happy about that. One thing I don’t like about Michigan is it’s winters. Surprisingly, there are still leaves on the trees and some are still green.

As I am writing this, I just had my 4th detox treatment for my candida. I feel amazing and my issues are slowly getting better. However I am having some side affects from the candida dying off which is completely normal. Anything to get rid of it, I’m fine with. One is that my face is breaking out like crazy. Worse than when I went off birth control. My body is literally purging it out of me. But in good news, I think by the time I done with this detox, I will be mostly, if not completely better. I will most likely be in debt because this treatment is expensive lol. But hey it’s working. And if any of you are interested, I can do a full blog post on what the treatment entails. The Day Detox Spa (where I’m going) was also recently in the news if you’d like to read the article.


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