Turn Heads With Your Capsule Look

You’ve Marie Kondo’d your wardrobe, throwing out anything that doesn’t spark joy. Now it’s time to do the same to your skincare and cosmetic collection. Let’s face it, that pile of products is out of control and it’s high time you took a ruthless stance against the clutter in your bathroom cabinet and that pile in your bedroom.

Join us as we take a look at how to declutter your collection and create your capsule of makeup and skin care products, saving you time and space and focusing on what’s important.


Make a Mountain

It’s time to face up to the truth of your situation. Bring all your products out from their various hiding places. Pile them up in front of you on the floor and you’ll immediately be able to see what you use regularly and what you bought on a whim that’s barely seen the light of day.

Even if you still feel you may use that tinted moisturiser some day, you haven’t up until now, so it’s time to be ruthless. Take a big breath and toss to the trash anything you don’t use or haven’t touched in three months. If you do have items that you haven’t used and haven’t been opened consider donating them to a women’s refuge or a similar charity.


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Consider Your Look

If you tend to go for the same eye colours and lipsticks then, find one palette that has all your go-to colours. Then empty out all the colours that you’d never dream of wearing. Gather together all your favourite shades and put them in one palette box so you’ll always know where your colours are. 

Think about keeping one palette with a selection of bolder colours for a more dramatic effect.

The same goes for your liquid eye makeup and pencils. Invest in one good quality product at a time. Throw away those old stubs of pencils that you’ve had for years. Check all the expiration dates very carefully.


Clean Up Your Act

Apply these same rules to your skincare products. Keeping only the items that form part of your daily routine and being ruthless with everything else. Then think about your accessories. Your makeup brushes and sponges will need a good wash and that face cloth you use? It’s time to replace it.

Get your products down to a manageable collection and you’ll automatically start thinking in terms of quality over quantity. Go for products that set your look off perfectly and require little maintenance. Find your capsule look and you’ll turn heads whether you’re out for the day or the evening. Think quality, because you’re worth every penny.


This article is written by contributor, Eleanor Jennings.

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