Ways To Care For Your White Gold Wedding Ring

Why White Gold Wedding Rings Need More Care

White gold rings are alloyed with other white metals and the very highest quality wedding rings wrought from it are coated with Rhodium for a uniformly brilliant sheen. This means they need to be cleaned with a little more care than yellow or rose gold wedding rings so as not to impair their beautiful reflective qualities.


Simple Steps To Clean Your White Gold Wedding Ring


  • Prepare a gentle cleansing solution using boiled water which you have allowed to cool until it is warm and a mild soap. Do not use chlorine-based detergents or solutions containing abrasive elements. Do this in a bowl rather than a washbasin or sink to prevent the ring disappearing down the drain. A plumber can easily remove your ring should this happen, but you are better spared the embarrassment and expense of calling one out.
  • Place your ring in the solution and let it soak for half an hour.
  • Remove your ring from the solution and gently rub it clean using a natural fibre cloth or a soft brush. Do not use coarse fibres like paper or wire brushes.
  • Rinse your ring in running lukewarm water.
  • Use a clean, dry flannel or towel to dry your ring.

If your ring is particularly dirty, you can add a few drops of ammonia to the cleansing solution.


Cleaning White Gold Wedding Rings Set With Gemstones

Wedding rings set with resilient jewels like diamonds are safely cleaned using the steps outlined above. However, softer, more delicate gemstones such as opal, pearl, and onyx should not be soaked in a cleansing solution. Instead, dip a soft cloth in the cleansing solution and gently rub the metal surfaces of the ring until they are clean. These less durable gemstones can then be wiped clean with a soft, damp cloth.

Have Your White Gold Wedding Ring Professionally Cleaned

For a small fee, a jeweller will clean your white gold wedding ring. It is advisable to do this every eighteen months or so. The jeweller will be able to advise you of when your ring will need to be re-plated with Rhodium to restore its dazzling sheen. White gold wedding rings from The Beautiful Company are plated with Rhodium for that extra sparkle. Rhodium plating will wear away eventually depending on how often you wear your ring and the frequency with which it is cleaned. If the surface of your ring starts to take on a yellowish tinge, it is time to have its Rhodium plating replaced.


The Everyday Care Of Your White Gold Wedding Ring

During every day wear, Chlorine is not your white gold wedding ring’s friend. Exposure to Chlorine will damage your ring’s surface over time. To prevent this, remove your ring while performing housework involving Chlorine-based solutions, and when bathing or showering. As Chlorine is often used in pools, remove your ring when swimming. Cosmetics can also have an adverse effect on your white gold’s sophisticated sheen, so take your wedding ring off when applying or removing make up. The surface of white gold can be scratched. Damage like this can be repaired by a jeweller, but is better prevented by careful storage when you aren’t wearing the ring. Store white gold rings separately from other jewellery in a jeweller’s pouch or wrapped in velvet.

Take note of the tips we’ve discussed and ensure that your white gold wedding ring will last a lifetime.

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This article was written by Katrina Fernandez, a contributor from Media Buzzer.

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