August Favourites

I still cannot believe that it’s September! Honestly, where has the summer gone. Anyways, since it’s September, that means it’s time for my August favourites!

I only have 3 favourites from last month. I haven’t really tried anything new.

August Favourites

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Cream Shadow Stick in 22 Stone 

This technically should’ve been in my July favourites but I forgot to add it in. I got this eyeshadow as a gift when I was accepted into the Elle Social Club. I use it all the time! Sometimes, I don’t feel like going all out with my eyeshadow and with this, I just swipe it over my lid and then blend in with a brush! It’s such a time saver! Plus the colour is neutral and goes with just about everything!

Sade Baron Body Cream

I got this in my last Vegan Cuts box. The texture is amazing and it keeps my skin so soft. Plus I can read and understand every single ingredient! I’ve tried other “natural” lotions before and there are still ingredients that I’m not sure what they are! Also there’s no silicone in it! I cannot believe the number of lotions that contain silicone!

The Lowe Files

Basically this tv show is Rob Lowe and his 2 sons, Matthew and John Owen, searching for the unthinkable. Ghosts, Big Foot, Aliens, etc. This show is amazing and I love it. One of his sons is always skeptical about things and it makes things hilarious! If you don’t watch it, check it out! It’s on A&E Wednesdays at 10:30!

So that is everything that I have been loving in August! What have you guys been loving?


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