Belle Isle

Belle Isle

A couple of weeks ago, Jodie and I went to Belle Isle for the day. Belle Isle is currently owned by the state of Michigan and is considered a state park. The island is situated on the Detroit River in downtown Detroit and is about 1000 square miles, and yes you can see Canada from there! The city of Detroit used to own the island until they could no longer afford it’s up keep and the state took over.

Apparently, Jodie and I have been to Belle Isle when we were younger but I have no memory. There are so many things to do that Jodie and I hadn’t realized, that we plan to go back before summer ends. There’s an aquarium, nature centre, conservatory, trails, a beach, water slide, kayaking, a museum, a light house, casino and so many more things.

There used to be a zoo but if closed somewhere between 2002 and 2004. The Internet doesn’t give an exact date. People do sneak in it all the time and record it. Jodie and I did watch a couple videos of the zoo when we got home. Someone recently, shot it with a drone. It was pretty cool.


The conservatory was huge! Much bigger than the Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago. It is also where we shot this look. I’m hoping to come back here many times in the colder months just to get out of the cold.


The aquarium is actually the oldest in the country. It is small but what do you expect for it being so old. I love the architecture of the building though and the tiles on the ceiling.

Nature Centre

The nature centre is on the other side of the island from the aquarium and conservatory. It is somewhat new and is run by the Detroit Zoo. I’m glad they put it in since there is no longer a zoo on the island.

Multiple times during the day, they have deer feedings where you can help feed the deer. I thought these white deer where so cute. They are actually Fallow deer which is quite different from the White Tails we usually see.


The fountain, I swear is straight out of Europe. So many people were hanging out on the table and chairs situated around it. Of course, I had to get some outfit pictures in front of it. I am no longer wearing the olive pants but shorts since it was so hot.

What are some day trips you like going on?


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