5 Ways To Tell Your Antique Jewellery Is Reputable

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Whether you are already an avid antique jewellery collector, or are just starting out, the points in this article will help you figure out if you are dealing with the right person.

Working with Antique Dealers

 Talking to experienced and reputable antique dealers can help you build up your knowledge base. You can always find a reputable dealer that starts out a collection themselves. But, don’t overlook the value of knowledge you can gain from talking to a few sources.

Begin by paying attention to the items you spot when you visit an antique jewellery store. Take a good look at the pricing, ask plenty of questions, and read over any details offered by the dealer.

Of course, dealers who don’t know their stuff will make mistakes, may be lazy, and, unfortunately, even greedy.

Be Wary of Greed

 If you are considering buying jewellery from an antique dealer, it is important to avoid expensive mistakes, like purchasing a piece of jewellery without checking the reproduction of taking a good look at its condition.

There are many dealers who operate under the condition that they may not make much money in antique jewellery, but rather, they do their job because they enjoy it. Dealers tend to be outgoing, optimistic, and friendly, like the team at https://www.kalmarantiques.com.au/ – so avoid those who have grown pessimistic and cynical. Reliable dealers will operate with the understanding that collecting jewellery is fun and rewarding.

Check Out Customer Service

 Trustworthy dealers also offer excellent customer service. There are those who become arrogant and even indifferent, but dealers who enjoy their job and want the best for their clients are those who are happy to help, explain, and answer your questions.

Keep in mind that for many dealers, cash counts, so if you are serious about purchasing antique jewellery, find out first what the payment terms are. Many shop owners do accept credit cards and checks to make life easier for their customers.


 A reliable antique jewellery dealer is going to be honest about pricing. It’s a good idea to shop around online first to see what the times you want go for. Then, you can try to negotiate when you meet with a jeweller – armed with the right pricing knowledge. While some dealers remain fixed in their pricing, most will enjoy negotiating over the final price. It’s part and parcel of the antique buying process.

Other Services Offered

 Reliable dealers will offer a range of services to their customers, for example, restoration services. It’s worth noting that not all dealers are experts at the refurbishing process, but there are those that are, or those that have the right connections, should you wish to refurbish the pieces you are looking at. But, if pieces you are looking at have already been refurbished, inspect them closely. Items of jewellery that have been improperly refinished or cleaned can lose value.

The Dealer’s Reputation

 A trustworthy dealer takes pride in the items they sell. If you feel that an item is not correctly identified or priced, you may want to shop around. If you have already bought the item, don’t be afraid to return it and even take along a professional appraisal to back up your argument. A reliable jeweller will be happy to refund your purchase.

Take note of those factors and you will be able to determine whether you’re dealing with a reputable dealer or not.


This article was written by Katrina Fernandez, a contributor from Media Buzzer.


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