The Top Engagement Ring Misconceptions To Avoid

When it comes to popping the question, chances are, everyone around you has an opinion about the type of ring to buy. They probably have advice to offer, too. Luckily, when it comes to buying her engagement ring, there aren’t any solid rules in place. Here are 6 misconceptions about buying that special ring.

1. The ring must be worth a few month’s salary.

This is probably the most misunderstood thing about buying an engagement ring. The supposed rule of spending a few month’s salary on an engagement ring is simply untrue. It is a pretty arbitrary number that was created by mining companies to get people to spend more and to boost the diamond industry. Essentially, buying a ring is about your own budget and what you can comfortably afford. There is no magic number. There are quality handmade engagement rings in Sydney at AE Design Jewellery that can surely fit your budget. Make sure to check it out.

2. The bigger the better.

People think that every woman wants a massive diamond. Also, people believe that the bigger the ring, the greater your love. But, not every lady wants a huge rock on her finger. Some prefer daintier, smaller rings, while others have jobs that are not practical for bigger rings or diamonds. Buying an engagement ring is about quality. You can find sensational smaller diamonds that radiate brilliant light and sparkle for the same price as a bigger diamond that is poorly cut and dull.

3. Recycled diamonds are bad luck.

This is not true. Diamonds do hold their value. While there are people who may feel that purchasing a recycled diamond may well curse their marriage, like if the diamond was sold due to a divorce, there are also couples who have purchased recycled diamonds and had long and happy marriages. In all honesty, the story behind the diamond will not impact your relationship.

4. Don’t take your partner ring shopping with you.

These days, modern couples prefer to go engagement ring shopping together. It really won’t make the proposal less romantic and special, and there are a couple of big advantages to taking your partner with you to choose the ring. For example, she probably already knows what she wants, so you won’t have to stress about letting her down with something she does not enjoy. What’s more, shopping together means she can be part of the budget decision, and that encourages open communication about finances.

5. Yellow gold is old.

Yellow gold rings may have been popular choices for engagements years ago, but vintage jewellery is still popular today and yellow gold is a lovely change from the standard metal rings a lot of women wear. A clear diamond on a yellow gold band makes for a classic look.

6. A clear diamond is the only way to go.

There are so many different kinds of stones to pick from, so you don’t have to stick with a run of the mill clear diamond. Some women prefer pink stones, whereas others may want sapphires or emeralds. Diamonds come in a range of colours, so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!

There are no hard or fast rules in buying an engagement ring. Choose one that you think would look perfect on your beloved.

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  • My friend just got an engaged and her ring is beautiful and classic, as long as it is to your tastes and you can afford it then all is well. There is so much pressure and showiness now when it comes to things like that that we can forget what is important. Great post, really like the tips you gave, thank you for sharing Jennifer xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  • Lippie 143

    Really enjoyed reading the post. Learnt something new .
    Lippie 💋

  • Esther

    It is quite some time ago when I received my engagement ring.
    Such a great article. I loved reading it.
    Have a nice evening. Love, Esther

  • What an interesting article! As I am already married, so this does not apply to me but I can imagine that it is not easy for a man to choose the right ring and one should not buy something expensive just to show off.

  • What an interesting post. I don’t understand why someone people argue that an engagement ring needs to be super expensive. Love doesn’t have a price tag.

    Her Hive

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    Love this post ’cause it’s so interesting!! Thanks for sharing this tips with us dear!!
    Mónica Sors

  • This is soooo true!! Loved the post, definitely agree!

    xx, Kris

  • Kim

    Great tips! My fiancé and I didn’t go ring shopping together (he insisted on surprising me even when I didn’t care either way) but I kinda wish we did shop together because the experience sounds fun. Who doesn’t want to try out a bunch of sparkly rings?!

    Simply Lovebirds

    • When I have bridal photo shoots, I love trying on all the sparkly jewelry!