Weekend Notes Pt. Six

Happy Friday ladies! We made it to the weekend. I feel like that deserves a glass of wine tonight.

This past Sunday, ABC had a 2 hour special on the last 100 days of Princess Diana. I learned so much about Diana and the Royal Family that I never knew before. The day she died, she was actually suppose to head back to London, but went to Paris instead.

It’s so devastating. She just wanted to go home to her boys.

Violette, from VioletteDaily, shared a very personal experience. I cannot even begin to fathom what she went through, but I feel like it made her into the stronger person she is today.

Mother’s Day is on Sunday. It’s not too late to buy your mom, grandma, mother-in-law, aunt, etc. a present!

I will be going to Illinois this weekend for a funeral that I have on Monday. I have some exciting things planned for stops on the way there. Hopefully, I’ll share it with you next week.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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  • How did I miss that ABC special? I need to check On Demand for it! Also, I’m so sorry for your loss, but I’m glad you have some exciting stops for your drive to Illinois.

    Caitlin | http://sunnystyleblog.com/

    • Thanks Caitlin! It’s my dad’s cousin’s husband. They came to both my grandma and grandpa’s funerals so we figured we needed to go. Yes, definitely check On Demand. It was so interesting and I loved learning facts about her that I didn’t know before.

  • I’ll have to check out Violette’s post, thanks for sharing <3

    Abigail AliceπŸ’• | Check out my Morphe 350 Giveaway!

    • Thanks for stopping by Abigail!

  • Violette

    Aww Jennifer, you’re so sweet to mentioned me, that’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen and I’m so glad and thankful that you took some times to read this. I wish you a happy weekend! Kisses from Paris!


    • Your post was so brave and personal that I had to share with others. I hope you have a wonderful weekend to Violette!

  • That sounds like a really interesting special! I hope you have a nice trip, although funerals are obviously never fun πŸ™

    Treats and Trends

    • It was so good! Thanks Jamie!

  • Julia Shkvo

    Cool post, dear! I really like photos <3
    I'd be happy friendship blogging β™₯
    Julia Shkvo

  • Caitlin

    Sorry to hear about the funeral but enjoy your weekend πŸ™‚

    Cruelty Free + VEGAN Beauty Haul!

  • Ellie

    Such a wonderful post!;-)<3
    You'll go through it and be stronger at the end!<3

  • Hi Jennifer,
    I am sorry to hear that you are going to a funeral. Are you going to celebrate Mother’s Day with your mom? I can’t wait to hear all news that you will share with us next week.

    P.S. I follow Violette as well and read her story. It is horrible what happened to her and I admire her strength and how she bounced back. She is amazing.

    And btw, I checked and I finished Bobbi Brown so I have only BECCA primers now. :-)) thank you for all your advice, Jennifer. I really appreciate it.

    Have a lovely weekend.


    • Thanks Miri! The funeral is for my dad’s cousin’s husband.
      I will be celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom. My sister and I got her Jo Malone Wild Bluebell perfume. It’s currently hiding in our suitcase πŸ™‚
      You are so welcome about the primers! I’m going to have to try the Backlight one. It sounds really good.
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well and I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day!

  • Laura

    Sorry to hear you are going to funeral πŸ™ Been strong next week! x

    Pink Frenzy