Chicago: Lincoln Park Zoo and Conservatory

On the way back home from our trip in Illinois on Tuesday, we stopped in Chicago. From there we Lincoln Park Zoo and Conservatory, both are free.

The high was 92 degrees and it was so hot. My main plan was to take outfit post pictures inside the Conservatory. Blair from The Fox and The She takes lot of outfit pictures in there.

Too bad I was sweating way before we even got there.


The Lincoln Park Conservatory has 4 rooms. Unfortunately, only 3 were opened, the palm, the fern and the orchid rooms.                   

Inside, it was so humid and even hotter than outside. So sorry I look gross.             

Inside the fern room, they had little toy dinosaurs hidden. Pretty sure that was Jodie’s favourite part.              I personally love orchids, ironically, the orchid room was my favourite. Too bad most of them are deadly to animals. Charlie loves eating plants, however.          

I wore my embellished bug dress by Victoria Beckham for Target.     I actually got 3 separate compliments on it. Two, in fact, were inside the conservatory. The third was right when we passed the Michigan border and stopped for some food. 


Sorry you can see hair on the dress. I shed a lot, plus we have pets even though there weren’t with us. Consequently, I even lint rolled my dress that morning before we left the hotel.  

We barely did any walking on Tuesday compared to the what we did on Saturday and Sunday and I got blisters 🙁 Granted, I was wearing new shoes.

I also have to say, that my natural deodorant by Schmidt’s worked the entire trip. At one point, Jodie laid her head on my shoulder and told me I smelled good. So now you know it works!

If you ever happen to go to Chicago and want something free to do, I highly recommend the Lincoln Park Zoo and Conservatory.

Dress-Victoria Beckham For Target | Shoes– Sofft | Watch-Charlie Watch Paris | Bag- Kate Spade


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