Tips For Healthier Nails

My nails always seem to a downfall of mine. They grow really fast and that causes them to be brittle and peel. Don’t even get me started on nail polish! I love wearing polish but after it is removed, my nails are so bad.

Basically, it’s an endless cycle. I get my nails in great condition and then they go ahead and get awful again.

I have noticed, if I follow 3 simple tips religiously, my nails are beautiful. But let’s be honest, nobody has time for that, plus I forget. Even doing just 2 of them help!

3 Tips For Healthier Nails

1. Biotin

This is the one thing I do religiously everyday. Some days I forget or don’t have time to take any of my vitamins in the morning but it’s usually an everyday thing. My nails grow fast naturally on their own but the biotin helps them grow healthier.

2. Filing

Filing my nails one time around everyday prevents my nails from peeling as often. Even just doing it a couple days a week helps tremendously! I forget to file my nails A LOT. I try to remember to do it while I’m watching TV in the evenings but that doesn’t always happen if I have a dog or cat sitting on top of me. Remember when you file, to go one way and not back and forth.

3. Argan Oil

Placing a drop of argan oil on your nail bed and massaging into the nail each night will give you the most gorgeous nails ever! I’ll start to do it every night but then one night, I’ll be so tired that I don’t do it and then I’ll stop. I really need to make this into an everyday habit. Jennifer Lopez’s manicurist, puts a drop on Jennifer’s nail and then wipes it off with a cotton ball before putting on nail polish. I definitely need to try this tip.

tips for heathier nails

It is going to become my goal to do all 3 of these tips religiously. Do you have any tips for healthier nails?


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