Shopbop Is Having A Sale!!

Happy Wednesday ladies!! 2 more days until the weekend, plus Shopbop is having a sale!

The nice thing about this Shopbop is that you don’t need to spend lots of money to get the discount! Any order under $500 is 20% off, 25% off orders over $500 with the code EVENT17. There’s no way I’d ever spend anywhere near that amount. I’d probably have a heart attack when I got my credit card bill. I am however, planning on getting a couple items.

I’ve been wanting this Jonathan Adler Pop Champagne Candle for a while now. I could never justify paying $42 for a candle just because it was rose gold! Ha! Not like I’ve done that before with a S’Well bottle and an iPhone…

jonathan adler pop champagne There are also some amazing dresses that I want! I can’t believe I haven’t ordered any dresses besides my Easter dress for spring yet.





Then this one, I have been wanting since Shopbop’s last sale. Ugh! So many choices!

The sale goes until the 14th with the code EVENT17! If there’s something you want, you better hurry before it’s out of stock. Happy Shopping!


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  • Lippie 143

    Never heard of the shop, but you picked amazing dresses, love them all.x

    • They are owned by Amazon! They automatically have free 3 day shipping but if you’re a Prime Member, you get free 2 day shipping.