Madewell Embroidered Top and Photobombing Puppy

The Madewell spring collection came out a few weeks ago, there were so many amazing pieces. Especially, the black Embroidered Springtime top. As soon as I saw that top, I knew I had to have it in my life!

AND, I finally have the embroidered top from Madewell I wanted. However, it took awhile. At one point, I thought I wouldn’t be able to get it.

The black top was out of stock when I to placed my order! On the other hand, the white version of the top was available, so of course I ordered that one instead.

The top came 2 days later and I had this urge to check online for the black one. Low and behold, the black embroidered top was back in stock! Immediately, I called up and asked for an exchange.
  It finally came on Thursday and I could not wait to wear it. Reidar photobombed the pictures! He also tried to trip me with his chain.

The morning I decided to wear the top, it was a little chilly so I paired it with my brand new Victoria Beckham for Target Bomber, that came on the same day as the top. The pink in the top and the pink of the bomber match perfectly!

Top | Jeans | Bomber | Necklace | Watch | Shoes

Are you digging the embroidered trend as much as I am?


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