Soccer Players and Fuzzy Shirts

Happy Friday! It took me forever to edit upload this video of the Detroit City FC photo shoot. I was able to sneak in some behind the scenes for the actual shoot! All the players were super nice! I’ve actually never met a professional athlete who wasn’t nice! Anyways, here is the video!!

Behind The Scenes

You can tell I’m sick on Wednesday. My voice sounds so weird compared to all the other shots! My sinuses are still acting up!

Yesterday while I was out returning things, Rebecca got a call from Neiman Marcus and we(Not Rebecca and I personally, but Hour) have to pay for a pair of shoes that are damaged! The thing is we never even used the shoes. We used a total of 3 pairs since we had most of the guys wear their own. And the shoes we did use, we tape. The shoes literally sat on top of their box the entire day. Rebecca and I are both pissed!

Besides that issue with the shoes, the entire shoot went really well and I cannot wait to see the final pictures. The ones I saw on the laptop during the shoot looked amazing!! I will post them on here and soon as I can!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!

xx Jennifer

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