Happy Hump Day! Can you believe it’s been 1 week in my contentment challenge? I’m surprised that it actually hasn’t been that hard. Sunday, I did buy Charlie so more kitty treats since he was almost out. That’s a necessity right? I paid with a gift card so that has to count for something. A … Continue Reading


Greenery- Symbolic of new beginnings Pantone’s new colour of the year is quite refreshing and different for the previous years’. It’s a mixture of “zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first day of spring.” People are using it as an accent colour or focal point in home decor, from dining rooms to bedroom’s.     … Continue Reading


I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I was sick, so that wasn’t fun at all. Friday, I got an email from Madewell about their shoe and bag fest with items up to 50% off! There are so many great items on sale. If I wasn’t doing the Contentment Challenge, I would definitely be … Continue Reading


Happy Friday! I am very excited to show you the newest issue of Metro Detroit Wedding’s Solid Gold issue that I helped assist style on! Remember, when I mentioned I had to rub baby powder all over the male model to get glitter off? Well this is the shoot. There was so much glitter. I found … Continue Reading


Contentment (noun) – the state of being contented; satisfaction; ease of mind. As I was reading Grace, Not Perfection by Emily Ley, she talked about contentment in one of the chapters. Emily learned about the Contentment Challenge from her friend, Nancy Ray, at one of the Making Things Happen Conferences (MTH). Nancy talked about how she … Continue Reading

 Sunday’s in my house means pancakes or waffles for breakfast. I love a good pancake. Some of those instant mixes just don’t make the cut. I have adapted an instant homemade pancake mix from Lauren’s Latest. It’s so easy to make vegan or to half the recipe (you can’t half an egg) with apple sauce … Continue Reading